Fortune Garden

I had lunch with Oscar at his friend's new restaurant. It's called Fortune Garden (雙燕樓) and located on Steven's Creek in Cupertino.

We tried a few dishes:

The shrimp and beef dishes were sweet although they were supposed to be spicy. The flavours were similar and I would describe both as 'orange shrimp' and 'orange beef' but I think the menu named them differently. The waiter that took our order should have mentioned that both dishes were similar. The restaurant was almost full while we dined there and remained that way for most of our meal. Unfortunately this was because service was slow and there was not a lot of turnover. Most of the customers were in large groups of 6+ people. It took us about an hour and a half to finish and I think only one table had to be cleared for new customers by the time we left.

Their specialty is Roast Peking Duck and it has to be ordered an hour in advance. I think we'll try that the next time we go there.


  1. Hope we can go again together and try some new dishes
    That's go earlier like 5:30ish. Hope we don't have to wait very long.

  2. lets go try it again around end of this month.
    lets order the peking duck.