Hakone Matsuri

Hakone Gardens held their annual matsuri today and I decided to go with Mike, Lisa, and Grace. We had lunch at A&J Restaurant in Cupertino and then headed over to Saratoga. The parking lot at Saratoga High was full and we had to park on a street nearby. It probably wasn't a good idea to have the festival on the same day as another event at the high school. We had to wait a bit for the shuttle bus to take us up to the gardens. It was a very hot day and the sign at Saratoga High read around 104F. The bus seemed at one point to almost get stuck while straining to climb the slope up towards the gardens. I heard that maybe the unused bus in the parking lot had overheated.

From 090517

We walked around the grounds and up the short walking trail. Some areas were closed that day. There were a lot of people and we skipped some of the crowded activities such as the tea ceremony. We were able to enjoy some of the music performances.

It was a very hot day and we decided to walk back to the car rather than stand in line for the shuttle and be stuck in a hot bus for 10-15 minutes. On the way back we stopped at Big Basin Cafe to rest and get drinks.

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  1. It was very hot. We forgot to bring water. I wanted to buy drinks but they sold out :(

    There were too many people. Otherwise we should attend that tea ceremony